Website image search and download tool

DownWebPics is an image search tool that allows users to search and download the chosen images based on keywords or website URL. The program can download images from any site simply by typing the site's URL, or it can search a large number of sites for specific keywords, allowing the user to then choose the images they want to download.

The search engine of DownWebPics doesn't filter violent or pornographic images, making it suitable only for adults or children under supervision.

DownWebPics supports all the most popular image formats on the web, such as GIF, JPG, JPEG, BMP and PNG, and it has a built-in image viewer for the user to view the downloaded images without having to leave the program.

It can also filter images based on extension, size and resolution. DownWebPic can be useful to those who wish to find and download images from the web, as well as view them, by using one tool.



DownWebPics 1.2